About us

Yes! We've changed! Paperfancy is now Sugar Nest!


To keep up with the needs and desires of our customers we've changed a bit.

We've added more home decor items and gifts and less paper goods. 

Our ownership & great customer service has not changed though.

Join us on our new "sweet" path!


About our owner

With a double major in Interior Design and Art, along with an entreprenurial spirit,

Karen Bullard combined her love of design and retail in creating Sugarnest in 2010.

Karen carefully curates the Sugarnest collection,

tailoring to fit the needs of her customers.


Thrilled to be able to bring the most fun and stylish home decor products to her customers,

Karen loves being surrounded everyday by fabulous finds and inspiring designers.


Paper Fancy founder, Karen Bullard


The mission of Sugarnest is to provide superior customer service at great prices

while offering the highest quality designer goods available.


We give back! 

Each year we donate a percentage of sales to local children's charities such as

The Children's Hospital Foundation, Richmond, Virginia.


This great organization has a fundamental commitment to the mental and physical

well-being of children. They support child development education and clinicial treatment

services for children who have experienced trauma and other life changing events.


To learn more about The Children's Hospital Foundation click HERE.